Through her formal education, travels, and journey towards spiritual enlightenment, Sonya's aim is to help her clients live a life that aligns with their soul’s purpose.

I had the privilege of meeting Sonya a few years ago. She has a very real and genuine desire to help people live in the fullness of their potential. She has a long list of professional accolades, but she also has years of experience helping people from all walks of life walk out their destiny. I have the privilege working alongside of her and I have grown from her approach and knowledge. I would recommend her life coaching to anyone.
— Erik Frederickson, Wheelhouse Coaching

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Volume I of The Life Coach’s Playbook: The Secret to Creating a Winning Life for You and Your Clients is for Life Coaches, aspiring Life Coaches, or anyone with a calling and desire to help others live to their fullest potential. This fun and informative eBook is filled with practical steps, advice, and activities you can use on yourself and with your clients



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