Trusting your own madness

We tend to live our life according other people’s standards. After about the age of 5 we begin to lose our individuality and begin to live a life according the expectations of the adults around us. The first 5 years of our lives are years of wonder and magic – living for the present and not caring about what’s to come tomorrow, or the next day, or next year.

Once we start formal schooling we’re taught who we should be and what we should think by adults who were taught the same. The sense of wonder and magic eventually fade and is replaced with worry and hard work.  We’re taught to never question and just do what we’re told because “that’s just how it is.” We study, work, worry, retire, die. When does the actual living take place? Where did the magic go?

The magic is definitely still there, it’s just buried underneath society’s embedded drive to achieve the American Dream as we’re slowly dying without really living.

Then there are those crazy ones. The ones with ideas so out of the cookie cutter idea of reality. The ones with ideas so ‘out there’ others laugh, disregard their ideas, and call them mad.

What you must do is TRUST YOUR OWN MADNESS.

Go back to that inner child with eyes of wonder and magic. Realize that all the magic you hope will fix all of your grown-up problems is already within you – it never left. Act on the sparks of inspiration you have to better yourself. Travel, start your own business, help others, run in the fields, play in the mud, leave unhappy relationships, stare at the stars for hours on end!

Follow that fire in your soul, let it guide you. Do not fear the flame, embrace it.  Take leaps of faith into the abyss as the universe tends to fall in love with bravery. You are enough, you always have been.