Allowing the flow of life

There is one guarantee to life – the fact that nothing is constant. Change is an ever-present occurrence that no one can escape. From the rotating planets to the cells in our bodies there is not one aspect of life that is immune to change. There is no moment in time that is the exact same as the previous moment.

Around the world the majority of people seem to fear change. Change of living situations, change of employment, change of relationships, change of possessions. I myself have tried to avoid change, holding on to people, places, and objects attempting to avoid the unavoidable. What I have learned is that while refusing to let go I was causing more damage to myself and slowing down the progression of growth. While practicing the art of allowance, I have discovered that resistance blocks blessings.

The fluctuation of life is inevitable and the more we resist the more we lose. Resisting is like swimming against the ocean’s current, it does not work in your favor. It’s all about surrendering -- allowing the flow of things coming and going from your life. Letting go of expectations of how life is supposed to be and trusting this beautiful journey.  If we allow it to, the universe will work in our favor, but we have to trust the process.

Change can hurt. Sometimes change will make us cry and scream and want to hide away, but the pain will pass. The pain always passes if we allow it to. Feel the feelings and embrace the magic of new beginnings. When we learn to view upcoming seasons of our lives as new adventures the unknown seems less scary.