My Week Without Social Media

If you have an iPhone you might be familiar with the screen time summary given at the end of each week. For those of you who are not familiar with this feature, iPhone politely gives users a rundown on how much of their life’s time they are trading for instant gratification of superficial and temporary pleasures. In other words, it breaks down phone usage by day and weeks with details on what apps users spend most of their time on. For me, I was spending an average of nearly 5 hours per day (more than 30 hours a week!) on my phone, many of those hours spent on social media.

Like many other people, I was a bit naughty this holiday season. I allowed myself to resort back to self-sabotaging behaviors I have worked so hard to find balance with. I allowed myself to steer away from my spiritual path and be led my ego. I ate tons, drank plenty of adult beverages, and was very merry. I had become engrossed with my digital image and reputation trying to reach 10,000 followers on the gram. I knew I was spiraling down a shallow rabbit hole with no peace, love, or happiness in sight.

Taking a break from social media was not a difficult task for me. I have always been a rebel of conformity and prior to using social media as a form of marketing for my Life Coaching business, I refused to be part of the “in” crowd when it came to social media. Did I miss it? Kind of...I missed interacting with my followers, reading about their personal transformations, influencing, etc. I did NOT miss me spending hours looking at funny cat videos, stalking ex boyfriends or old colleagues I worked with back in 2010.

Without social media for a week I averaged 3 hours per day (21 hours a week) on my phone. So what did I do with an extra 2 hours to my day and 14 hours to my week? I’ll tell ya:

I meditated for 30 minutes daily, wrote in my journal, took naps, watched Dirty Dancing, took a long walk with a friend, took a long nighttime walk in the rain by myself, got an oil change, signed up for boxing classes, bought clothes I don’t need, had lunch with my sisters and cute baby niece, talked on the phone with a friend, read (a lot), listened to lots of Academy of Ideas and Abraham Hicks lectures on YouTube, cooked, daydreamed, cleaned, wrote this blog post, and most importantly, I completed my first eBook!

Needless to say, it was a pretty productive week for me without social media. I encourage all of you to take a 1 week (or longer) break from social media to reset your perspective on how you’re spending your life’s time. You can do it, I believe in you.

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With Love,