Letting Go: A Semi-Poem

Make a wish…

Then lightly blow on the dandelion so its seeds can flow with the wind as it carries your wishes with them.

Not knowing where the seeds are flying to, we trust the wind to deliver them to wherever they need to be. We release the wish and wait patiently for its return.

It’s not just a child’s game, it’s one of the universal laws. If you really want something, you have to be willing to let it go. The irony of life.

Make a wish…

Blow out the candles. Wish upon a shooting star. Throw a coin into the well.

It all requires letting go and trusting what you want will make its way to you.

Nature has a way of proving her magic to us. The sun sets and we trust it to rise the next morning. Ripened fruits are released from their trees and we trust more will grow. We see her magic all the time, yet we tend to forget that we too are part of nature. It is not something that is separate from us. We must let go of everything we desire, everything we fear to lose…and trust the magic.

With Love,



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