“Know thyself” – two words that possess the most powerful and important advice known to man. Self-Awareness is the conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires -- the key foundation to living a meaningful and fulfilled life.

With Self-Awareness Coaching, I can help you discover exactly why you do what you do, think how you think, and feel how you feel. Knowing YOU will then allow space for positive change and action.

With my extensive experience, I am easily able to identify why certain situations keep manifesting into your life over and over again. Using skillfully crafted techniques, I can teach you how to heal traumas that are embedded in your subconscious mind, so you can break free of unwanted outcomes to life situations.

By learning the art of letting go and allowing the flow of life, you can be prepared for any circumstance that is thrown your way. You will be able to face obstacles head-on and become the strong resilient person you have always wanted to be.

My goal is to help set a firm foundation for my clients to alleviate spiritual and emotional uncertainties and to guide them towards their personal truth and enlightenment.

I will walk you through practical strategies that will help in:

  • Recognizing and understanding emotions

  • Pinpointing and changing self-destructive patterns

  • Identifying goals and mapping out a plan to achieve them

  • Learning to love and accept yourself

  • Building confidence and self-efficacy

  • Strengthening interpersonal relationships

  • Dis-identifying with labels

  • Working through and overcoming life transitions

Skype, phone, and in-person sessions available

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